len barry poster laurels.jpg

London Movie Awards - Best Short Documentary

Boulder Intl Film Festival - Best Short Documentary

Lyons Intl Film Festival - Best Short Documentary

New York Movie Awards - Honorable Mention

Paris Movie Awards - Official Selection

Indie Short Fest - Best Sound Mixing

BLT poster laurels bw.jpg

NY Movie Awards - Best Director, Best Editing

NY Movie Awards - Best Actress (Erin Kelly)

LGBTQ Unbordered Intl Film Fest - Excellence

Seattle Film Festival - Best Short Film

broken fences poster.jpg

Estes Park Film Festival - Best Picture

serotonin poster.jpg

Estes Park Film Festival - Audience Choice Award

Tom Parkin - Filmmaker Reel 2020


1-2-3 The Len Barry Story (2021)  Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

The Dry Cleaners (2019)  Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

The Old Man (2015) - Director of Photography/Editor

Bizarre Love Triangle (2012) - Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor

Hippieman's Plan for America (2011) - Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor/Writer

Serotonin Rising (2010) - Director of Photography/Editor/Associate Producer

Olivia Rox! (2009) - Director of Photography/Co-Producer

Broken Fences (2008) - Director of Photography/Producer

Head Hunter (2002) - Director of Photography

Old Coaches (2002) - Camera Operator